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Most people don’t realize that you can ask for discounts at stores for things you may not have considered. You don’t have to settle for the price as listed. You can ask for a discount and get it if you know when and how.

When to Ask for a Discount


Anytime you shop for a new car you should never pay the retail price for it. The best time to shop for a new car is the last day of the month because that is when everyone is trying to reach their quotas. Consumer Reports gives great information about how inexpensively you can get a vehicle and what price to shoot for. Don’t be afraid to walk away and go someplace else if they won’t meet the price that you’ve researched.

Mattresses and Furniture 

Furniture is marked up exorbitantly. The sales professional often gets as much as a 50 percent commission on any item you buy. That is a lot of discounts that can be done if you make it fast and simple. Know what you want going in, offer the price you want to pay, and be ready to walk away if they won’t do it. Again, the end of the month is the best time to shop for furniture and mattresses.

Appliances and Electronics 

These items are often sold on commission too, depending on where you go. Usually, you will make a better deal shopping locally for these items. If it’s a fast sale, a local sales rep will be willing to make a little less money per purchase if they don’t have to work too hard to make the sale.

Interest Rates 

If you have credit cards or even a higher interest home or car loan, call them right now and ask for a reduction. If your credit is good, you’ve paid well over the years, and it seems likely that you can get another loan elsewhere, they’re going to give you a discount.

Medical Procedures 

It might seem hard to imagine, but often you can make deals for medical procedures. If you explain that you’re paying all cash upfront and not going through insurance, that saves them a lot of extra work. This could get you a nice discount. Even if you already did the procedure and found out it was more expensive than you thought, you can often work out a deal with them if you ask.

Grocery Stores 

It might not seem possible, but for items that expire, like meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetables, you can ask for a discount. Say there are five packs of hamburgers that expire tomorrow. That means they have to throw them out. Talk to the manager and offer to buy them all but ask for a discount. Freeze immediately and they’re good for at least six months depending on what you bought. For things like fruit and veg, you can freeze or can them too.

How to Ask for a Discount


It all starts with simply asking. "What is your best price on this fridge?"

Be Courteous 

Smile, look them in the eye, treat them with respect and be polite and friendly. If you’re rude and pushy, they’re just going to say no. So be nice.

Find the Person in Charge 

There is no point trying to haggle with someone who has no power to do so. If you find out the salesperson cannot give you a deal, ask for the manager. Most managers have the power to knock up to 15 percent off a purchase if you simply ask them nicely.

Know When to Do It 

There are certain times to buy different items in order to get the best savings. Usually, you want to buy off-season or last year’s items to get good deals. But, as mentioned earlier, you can also buy brand new items on the last day of the month in some cases and get substantial discounts.

Pay Cash 

When you pay cash for anything, you’re already in a very good position to get a good deal since retail stores pay up to 8 percent for your transaction to the credit card companies. Plus, it’s often less paperwork if you pay cash.

Use Your Points 

Many of us have credit cards with points, and we aren’t even aware of that fact because we don’t look closely at our bills - especially if we get online digital bills. Look at your bill and check out your accounts for points you didn’t know about.

If you want to get discounts for things you buy every year, most of the time you simply have to shop at the right time and ask. Be prepared by researching consumer reports and other methods about the item so that you’re well educated before asking for the discount. In this way, you know you’re not out of line and they’ll still be making money too.

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