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Eyes are one of the most important distinguishing characteristics of any person, so it is no surprise that eyes often play such a prominent role in our dream lives as well. One of the most intriguing dreams about eyes is the one in which the dreamer sees his or her own eyes in the dream.

Seeing your own eyes in a dream, in a mirror for instance, or even symbolically, is often a representation of knowledge, enlightenment, intellectual awareness, understanding, or sudden comprehension.

Dreaming about one’s own eyes can often mean that unconscious or repressed thoughts and images are breaking through to the surface. The eyes are often seen as the window to the soul, so dreams about eyes can often be seen as meaning that hidden desires of the soul are coming through to the surface.

Dreaming of only one eye, or seeing only one eye in a dream, is very significant. The left eye is often seen as a symbol of the moon, while the right eye is seen instead as a symbol of the sun.

Some people have reported dreams in which their eyes turned around in their heads. This kind of dream can symbolize insight and spiritual awareness. Dreaming about inwardly turned eyes can indicate a desire on the part of the dreamer to examine themselves and their psyche. These kinds of dreams often accompany psychological turning points in the life of the dreamer.

This. type of dream about eyes can also mean that your subconscious is trying to warn you to be aware of something, or that you need to look within yourself for answers. This kind of dream can be a warning to the dreamer to trust his or her instincts and intuitions.

On the other hand, dreaming that you have something in your eye can mean that there are obstacles in your path. Dreams in which the dreamer has something in his or her eye can be the subconscious way of telling the dreamer that they need to overcome the barriers in their path. These kinds of dreams can also be representations of the dreamer’s tendency to take a critical view of the actions of others.

Dreams in which the dreamer has only one eye can symbolize the dreamer’s refusal to accept or see other points of view. It can mean that the dreamer suffers from a jaded and stubborn way of thinking.

Dreaming that you have a third eye can mean that you should pay attention to your insight and inner vision. Dreams about a third eye are often warnings for the dreamer to look within themselves.

Dreams of injured or closed eyes can symbolize a refusal to confront the truth about something you have been hiding from. This kind of dream is often about avoiding intimacy or avoiding looking at something you should. Dreams about closed or injured eyes can also be expressions of pain or hurt feelings.

Dreaming about crossed eyes can mean that you are not seeing things properly. Dreams about crossed eyes can indicate that you may be getting mixed up.

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