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Dreams provide us with a fascinating glimpse into the subconscious world, and many people see dream interpretation as a way to diagnose and treat real-world problems.

This trust in dream analysis does have some basis in fact, and many psychologists and therapists use dreams in treating patients who are recovering from trauma. These trauma survivors often suffer from recurring dreams and nightmare scenarios, and the fact that dream therapy works prove the strong connection between the waking world and the world of dreams.

For most people, however, analyzing their dreams is nothing but a fun diversion and a source of insight into their everyday lives. In order to gain insight into your dreams, it is important to understand what some common dream objects symbolize.

Of course, every dream, and every dreamer is different, and this list is by no means comprehensive. Every object encountered in a dream will have a different interpretation, depending on its context within the dream and the state of the dreamer.


There are several types of alien dreams. Dreams in which the dreamer is an alien can represent that he or she is unsure about a new house, new town, or new job.

On the other hand, dreaming about being abducted or probed by an alien being can represent a fear of the unknown or a feeling that your life is being invaded, perhaps by an overbearing relative, friend, or coworker.


Dreaming of baptism, whether your own or someone else’s, is generally thought to be a symbol of renewal or rebirth.


Dreams of burial can be symbols for the disposal of unwanted habits or even the breakup of an unhappy relationship.


Seeing a cemetery in your dreams, or visiting a gravesite, can represent a longing for lost times or lost love ones. It can also represent a more generalized sort of grief.


The meaning of clouds depends in large part on their nature. Dreams about white puffy clouds can represent contentment while seeing storm clouds in your dream could represent fear about an impending change.


Dreams about digging can have many different meanings. Digging in a dream can mean you are trying to recover something that you have lost, or that you have been trying to understand yourself better.


Drinking in a dream often symbolizes a longing, or thirst, for something that has not been attained. Dreamers should pay attention to what they are seeking in their waking lives.


Dreaming about being in an earthquake can represent a feeling that your life is not under your control. Of course, people who have actually experienced earthquakes may recall the real event in dreams as well.


Dreams about fat can also have several meanings. Dreaming about being overweight can indicate anxiety about appearance and body image. On the other hand, fat can also symbolize knowledge and wisdom.


Dreaming about a flood, or dreams of drowning, often indicate that the dreamer is feeling overwhelmed by something in his or her life.


Dreams of an hourglass can symbolize that time is running out. Many people dream of an hourglass when pressed to make an important decision on short notice.


Dreaming about a judge, or being judged, may indicate feelings of guilt or regret.


Dreaming about a map, or about being lost, can symbolize a need for guidance, or a quest for leadership. It could indicate that the dreamer is unsure of what decision to make.

Old Man

Dreaming about an unfamiliar old man can symbolize wisdom or forgiveness.


Dreaming of prison, or of being in prison, can be a manifestation of hidden feelings of guilt.


Dreaming about sex can indicate a sexual desire or longing for closeness and intimacy.


The number zero is a symbol for the infinite. The exact meaning of the number zero within a dream, however, is almost entirely dependent on its context within the dream.

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