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Top Six Ways to Save Electricity in Your Home

Concerned about your electricity bill? It is not an issue where you need to feel completely helpless. There are many things you can do to lower your electricity bill on a monthly basis.

Here are six ideas to look into.


1. Unplug Appliances That Are Not in Use

Many people do not realize this, but appliances of all sizes continue using energy as long as they are plugged in, even when they are turned off. To stop this from happening, simply be vigilant about unplugging all the appliances you possibly can when they are not in use. This includes everything from lamps and stereos, to blenders and toasters.

2. Use a Power Bar and Switch It Off at Night

If you are not yet ready to unplug each and every appliance you use when you are not using it, hook as many as possible up to one power bar at each plug or in each room. This way, you can easily switch it off at night-time. Do this regularly in order to notice changes in your electricity bill.

3. Turn Off Lights When You Leave the Room

Your mother probably nagged you about this when you were young, and she was right. Always turn the lights off in the room you are leaving. It only takes a moment and has big payoffs. If you only use lighting in the room you are dwelling in, you will certainly notice a drop in your electricity bill. And always be sure to turn all lights off when leaving your home.

4. Air Dry Your Clothing

Drying your clothing in a dryer is a convenience that many generations lived without. If you can manage to be patient and wait a few days to wear your clothing, then simply hang it to dry. If you plan well and think ahead, you can begin to do this regularly and it will become normal. If you don’t like the crusty feeling that happens with air dried fabrics such as denim, simply throw it into the dryer for five minutes after it has completely dried to soften it up a little.

5. Fill the Dishwasher and Washing Machine

Sometimes people have a tendency to put a load of dishes through when the dishwasher is only half full, or start the cycle at night-time purely out of habit. Instead of doing this, be sure to wait until it is completely full. This may save you the water and electricity of a few dishwasher loads per week.

6. Turn Off Your Computer When Not in Use

Many families leave their computer on constantly, day and night. Turn your computer off every night, or whenever you are leaving the house. This is a good step to ensure a reduction in your energy costs.

Electricity can be a large expense, whether you rent or own your own home. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to reduce these significant costs. Use the ideas above as a way to begin thinking about the many steps you can take that will cut your electricity bill and help you save your hard-earned money.

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