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Top Five Ways Your Home Is Losing Energy, and What to Do

When you are trying to cut down on living costs, energy loss in your home is one of the first things you should look at. There are many ways that your home may be losing energy without you even knowing about it.

Here are a few places to begin looking in your quest to save energy costs.


1. Air Leaks through Walls

Air leaks account for the majority of unintended energy loss in homes. The main culprit is generally loss through walls and gaps around doors and windows. If you are losing heat through your walls, consider insulating them. Cavity walls, which most homes after the 1930s are, can have insulating material put in between them fairly easily. This is the easiest way.

If your home has solid walls, it will be a little more difficult, but it can still be done. In this case, you can choose whether to insulate the walls internally or externally. Most windows do not lose heat to the extent that you would think, but it is still important in the overall picture.

2. Uninsulated Roofs

Uninsulated roofs can account for around 25% of heat and energy loss. Use loft insulation to correct this problem. How you insulate the roof depends on whether you are trying to keep it warm or cool inside your home. You can do this by yourself, or hire professionals if you simply don’t have the time.

3. Leaving Windows and Doors Open

You may have heard your parents say, “Stop heating the neighbourhood” whenever you left the door open too long while growing up. You may have found this annoying, but is there any truth in it? It turns out that open doors do cause home energy loss, and this is because of the air rushing in, which then has to be adjusted by your heating or cooling system.

4. Keeping Your Home Too Warm

Are you guilty of wanting a home that is toasty warm? Leaving your heat too high is a big culprit when it comes to energy loss.

When you are going to sleep, try lowering the temperature and simply putting on a warm pair of pyjamas and snuggling under a large quilt. The eight hours or so that your home is cooler while you sleep accounts for one third of the total time in a day, and will save you plenty on your heating bill. And if you work during the day, is there really any reason to keep your home at a perfect temperature during that time?

5. Relying on Air Conditioning

Many people swear by their home air conditioning. It is true that air conditioning is a delightful luxury, and in certain parts of the country it may even be considered a necessity. Try taking a break from it every once in a while, though, and use other means to cool yourself down. Use window coverings to prevent your home from heating up unnecessarily, stay hydrated, or mist yourself with water to cool down when necessary.

There are many ways that your home can lose energy. Do what you can to keep the costs down by following these simple tips. With a little time and effort, you too can cut down your energy bills and make big savings.

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