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Getting Organized: Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Work Week

There comes a point in our lives when we not only crave structure and organization, but we need it. Not only do we need it for our own peace of mind and to have security in our lives, but we need the time management skills that will provide us with the most productive work week possible so that we can make progress

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Why You Should Look At Mistakes as Lessons Instead of Regrets

“I wish I had put more effort in my classes, by now I would have risen many ranks higher. If only I could turn back time and avoided the mistakes that made my business go under. It’s because of not taking her seriously that she left and now is in the arms of another man.” These are but some examples of regrets that

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Putting Down the Cigarettes for Good

So, you decide to quit cigarettes for good, to help ensure that you are successful in your next, as well as final attempt to quit smoking there are a few things that you should really keep in mind. Setting yourself up to be successful is not something that should happen by accident. If you really want to stop smoking

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