Balancing Truth, Love And Power


There are basically 3 components in personal development: Truth, Love and Power. 

The key point of this book is to understand the right principles and apply it in a concise and straightforward way in your life.

In order to develop yourself effectively, you need to understand these principles in depth. The purpose is to bring every area of your life in alignment with these principles.

With this eBook you will learn what are some of the key aspects and qualities that come with these principles, the right way to develop them and what are some of the factors that will hinder you from developing your effectiveness as a person.


Topics covered:

  • The Key Components of Love
  • The Hindrances to Love
  • How to Connect Effectively
  • The Key Components of Truth
  • How to be Truthful
  • The Key Components of Power
  • How to Build Power?
  • The Key Components of Oneness
  • How to Experience Oneness?
  • The Key Components of Authority
  • How to Increase Authority?
  • The Key Components of Courage
  • How to Increase Courage?
  • The Key Components of Intelligence
  • How to Increase Intelligence?
  • And much more!

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