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Perfume Series by Mental Mischief Co

Since almost half of the year has passed, you may be quite surprised to know that pretty soon, Christmas will be just around the corner. Christmas shopping will again be very in demand especially the last minute ones. Having a Christmas list can be very hard to keep on what to give whom, but for some reason having all those perfume samples you get from cosmetics shopping can be very useful on your gift giving.

Having perfume samples can be very persuasive on purchasing the whole perfume. For some department stores, they release it in some small bottles tucked in a folded cardboard with its logo. In Japan, they have perfume samples through paper.

perfume samples

For some reason, having these perfume samples can also give you a great help before thinking on splurging a large amount of money. We all know for a fact, that having an original designer branded perfume maybe very costly these days. What better way to impress a woman that he is courting than to purchase a branded perfume in a well-known department store.

A typical gift for a couple wanting to mark an unforgettable event in their lives usually exchange perfumes. Honestly, with all these perfume samples being distributed every time you shop, especially when holidays are fast approaching, it really gives quite a bargain before seriously investing on what brand to buy.

But for some perfume companies, these perfume samples serves as an experiment on market analysis. Before investing on another batch of this and that perfume, handing out these perfume samples gives them a clear view on what type of perfume most shoppers go for.

What brand is sale able, which is more in demand for this season, how many items to be release, what other campaign materials should be included in its launching, and so on and so forth. It actually reduces their cost of investment rather than gambling on a large amount of money not to mention their time and effort as well.

For what its worth, having perfume samples gives a better and clearer view on what the picture is. Gone are those days when some perfume companies would also venture on tricking some readers on putting their finger in this folded portion of one page ad, just to have a feel of their commodity. Although some magazines still do the classic act. Whatever the logic behind its’ strategy, needless to say that both the manufacturer and the consumer may have a benefit from these perfume samples.

perfume samples
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