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Why Do Some People Experience Apathy and Some Don’t?

Apathy is a negative feeling, it can make you feel like you are nothing and that you have nothing to live for; when you think and feel negatively then more negativity comes your way. Just like if you are in a good mood and things are all good positive aspects will be coming your way. Life is what you make it and how you see things.

At one point and time in life, everyone will experience some form of apathy in one way or another; for some people, it will be short-lived and not that effective and for other people, it can be severe and really be a roadblock in life that they need to overcome.

For those people who only experience a little bit of apathy it really can’t be counted because it is not severe enough, it is like being upset over something and just getting over it. A real case of apathy is almost life depression; it takes time and works to get through it and to get back to where it should be.

For people who only experience a little bit of apathy, it can be hard for them but these people tend to be people that don’t let things get in there way; always moving forward and reaching goals is what they do but life is not all good this is why we have negativity here and there to balance things out.

A little bit of apathy is like your subconscious saying that this may seem like a good idea now but later you will regret it and wished that you had done something else.

Feeling negative in any way such as worthless, weak, not smart and anything else is a feeling that makes you feel like you are depressed but being level-headed you know it is something you can work through and that things will be better.

As for those people who experience apathy and it is a true case of apathy than for them things are as bad as they can get but somehow more and more things that are bad just keep happening to them and around them as well; this is known as having a one-track mind if you are feeling upset then you will only see the negative in life because at that point and time negativity is the only thing that you can relate to.

Being able to relate to something is one step in dealing with apathy, after this, you must see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that things can be better than what they are but they that they will not get any better until you do something about it on your own.

Think of it as life in general, becoming an adult you get a job, earn money and pay bills on your own, you get a place to live and a vehicle and have a family; your parents don’t help you with all of this and these things are not just handed to you, you have to work for them just like you have to work to feel better.

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