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Maui Island is blessed with white blue-green crystal waters where a massive number of beautiful coral reefs abound. Underneath the waters, a stunning abundance of aquatic life can be found, and this is what makes the waters of Maui, Hawaii worthy to explore.

Because of such fact, people in Maui, Hawaii used to consider snorkeling as one of the best, exciting activities that every visitor to the island should indulge. It is no doubt the best way to experience the wonders underneath the Maui waters, and perhaps what makes Maui snorkeling great is that it is highly available throughout the Hawaiian area.

There are four main spots in Maui that are deemed best for Maui snorkeling. These places are actually preserves, so it is important to take extra care when exploring these areas. These Maui snorkeling spots include the Ahihi Bay, Honolua Bay, Molokini Crater, a part of the La Perouse Bay, and the Oluwalu Turtle Reef. Let’s take a closer look at these preserves.

  • Ahihi Bay – The Ahihi Bay is actually considered as one of the best sites for an ultimate Maui snorkeling for it is where the Ahihi Marine Preserve is located. This Maui snorkeling spot is located just south of the Makena Big Beach and is said to be capable of offering something for everyone to enjoy. Here, varieties of fish dwell, and a number of beautiful coral reefs are beneath. What’s nice to know more about this Maui snorkeling spot is that even if you toss only bits of fish food into the water from a small ramp, you will discover varieties of tropical fish swirling beneath the water enjoying the tidbits you’ve just tossed.
  • Honolua Bay – Located just north of Kapalua on route 30, the Honolua Bay is but another great spot to visit for an ultimate Maui snorkeling. According to some reviews, snorkeling is best here during summer when the ocean is at its calmest state.
  • Molokini Crater Nature Preserve – In Maui, this is by far the most popular site for Maui snorkeling expeditions. Well, the Molokini Crater is actually a shallow geologic formation that appears to be circular in shape. Its name obviously implies that. It is further interesting to know that at this site, what serves as the base for the marine life that dwells here are the volcanic rocks.
  • La Perouse Bay – Nestled south to the Ahihi Marine Preserve, this Maui snorkeling spot is actually named after the French navigator, Jean de Francois La Perouse, who happened to be the first westerner to set foot on Maui. Although the land in this area is barren, the abundance of ocean life it offers is what makes La Perouse Bay a great place to dive and snorkel.
  • Oluwalu Turtle Reef – If finding sea turtles is the main reason that you snorkel, then the Oluwalu Turtle Reef is the ideal place for you to go. This is place is accessible from Maui and boasts the graceful and gentle sea turtles that dwell in the warm clear waters of this protected sanctuary. A variety of fish can also be found here, making this Maui snorkeling site really worth visiting.

Note that the above mentioned Maui snorkeling spots are highly protected by laws. So it is important to do your own part to protect these fish sanctuaries. One main rule here is never to stand and walk on corals.

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