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Maui Luaus are one of the best, must-see events in Hawaii. People from near and far away places visit Maui just to attend and witness everything that is included in the Maui luaus, and it’s nice to know that many of those who have attended the event attained great satisfaction and enjoyment.

But, what really are Maui luaus?

Maui luaus, on the most basic, are a kind of tradition that is highly appreciated and preserved not only in the island of Maui but in the entire State of Hawaii. The tradition is actually a centuries-old celebration, but the term “luau” was only used to describe the tradition 150 years ago.

As far as I know, the celebration was known as “aha’aina” before the term “luau” was coined. But, since the early days, Hawaiians used to host these feasts as a form of celebration for special occasions like the launching of a newly built canoe, or a celebration for the first birthday of a baby.

Today’s Maui luaus still maintain such early practices in Hawaii. It is noted by some resources that your presence and participation at the Maui luaus is the main factor that will make you a family, known in Hawaii as “ohana”.

Maui luaus are a merry event. A lot of wonderful and enjoyable things are incorporated into one to make the celebrations an ultimate experience for every person involved. A party with food, drink, music, dance, and much aloha, is what distinguishes Maui luaus from the other exciting events in Maui, Hawaii.

In Maui luaus, food is the primary highlight. It is usual in this kind of celebration that you will encounter a requisite roasted pig. Aside from this, the luaus are also distinguished by the presence of poke, which is a raw marinated fish. There are also some traditional dishes like the Lomi Lomi salmon, haupia, poi, chicken long rice, and other exotic fares that are all available for every guest to taste and savor.

In addition, a wide selection of American dishes, including beef, chicken, salads, fruits, desserts, vegetables, and an open bar are available in Maui luaus. But, it is worth noting that in Maui luaus, the food is just the beginning.

Music and dance are also wonderful highlights of the luaus. These usually come next to the presentation of the foods. Well, according to some experts, music and dance are highly considered in the luaus as these can portray the culture of the old Hawaii.

So, it is expected then that the Hula and other unique dances of Hawaii will be shown during the luaus. But, aside from these, the Maui luaus also feature the drums of Tahiti, the dancers of Samoa, the dances from Fiji and Tonga, and the Maori of New Zealand.

It is finally worth noting that all of the Maui luaus are held at sunset, and this is what specifically makes the luaus a highly romantic event in Maui, Hawaii.

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