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A typical vacation may require a week or two of stay in the place. But with this trip? You may want to inquire about travel extensions with the airline and file a longer leave of absence from the office. Not with this trip… You might just fall deeply in love with the place that you may want to file residency.

Before you make any major, life-altering, fools-rush-in kind of thing, make the most out of your Maui trip first. After all, if the first trip was not enough, you can always go back another time.

Maui offers more than your share of lei around your neck. There many tourist attractions as well as activities that one can enjoy while visiting Maui. Whether you’re traveling alone, or on your honeymoon, or with your wife and kids, or even if you’re on a business trip, Maui will fill your trip with all the possible itineraries from day one until who-knows-when.

Maui, Molokai, and Lanai are called The Magic Isles. All three hold a promise of a worthwhile journey and a magical vacation. Planning your Maui trip is not easy. However, there are online sites that provide itinerary suggestions. Some are based on a one week vacation, while some provide activity schedules on a two-week travel plan.

A visit to will take you to comprehensive suggested itineraries according to a tourist’s interests. Another good site to visit is which contains a directory of the things you need to know about Maui. From accommodations to activities, to businesses, this site will help you plan out your trip.

Visiting will be a big help as well. This website has a very extensive collection of Maui data including its weather. It also has several listings of travel agents and travel planners all presented in interesting web graphics. The site allows you to go on a virtual tour of Maui and enables you to send an e-postcard too.

Maui has been named the “Best Island” for 12 successive years. Its perfect beaches, warm people, rich culture, and overall beauty have attracted tourists from all over the world. Everyone who has been to Maui has found interesting things to see and do, regardless of interests. Nature-lovers, beach bums, art experts, and even those who are just trying to find relaxation have been greatly satisfied by their visit to Maui.

Indeed, Maui is too stunning, too attractive, and too perfect to see just once in your life. So as a tip, don’t try to see and do the most number of sites and activities in one day. Spare some time to just sit and stare at its beauty, and leave the other stuff till your next “Aloha”!

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