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Wow, it's amazing. I just opened up a sales flier from my local hardware store and I'm overwhelmed by all the home winterizing products available. I figure that if I spend just a little time and a little money I should be able to really cut energy bills this winter.

They have everything from foam insulation pieces you can fit behind your light switches and outlets, to insulated blankets for your pipes and water heaters, to programmable thermostats.

That list barely scratches the surface, and none of the products cost very much. It won't make much money at all to winterize my home.

But I'm looking for more, I don't want to have to buy my electricity from the utility company. I want to make my own, and after some research, I've found that I can easily generate about 60% of the electricity my home needs.

Wind power has now become feasible for home use. The technology behind wind turbines has improved to the point where even a small turbine can generate decent amounts of electricity.

Just one turbine can save me around 80% off of my utility bill, and the best part, I can build it myself for only a couple hundred dollars.

I. just need to get a manual that will walk me through the process, step by step, take a trip to my hardware store to buy the parts, and invest a few hours of time to build it. I don't need any special skills or tools, which is good since I don't have any!

So I decided that the best way to cut energy bills this winter, and for years in the future, was to spend some money on caulk, insulation, window kits, etc, but to also build my own home wind turbine. After all, what I really want is to be able to kiss my utility company goodbye forever!

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