News Junkie Stress

However, being addicted to news can cause you a great deal of stress. In addition to dealing with your own problems, you might feel as if you have to weigh in on every major issue of the day. You might find yourself depressed by somber news, adding to your state of anxiety.

When Marital Breakup Happens

There is no escaping the stress associated with divorce. However, the actions you take can enable you to significantly reduce your stress level. Also, it is important for you to keep in mind that a divorce is a transitory event. While some divorce cases last for years, there will eventually be an end to your divorce.

Reading: The Pleasurable Escape

Reading can also be relaxing. When you curl up with a good book, you put the rest of the world at bay. You take time out to travel to distant worlds, to learn about different time periods, and to expose yourself to out-of-this-world philosophies. You are essentially taking a vacation of the mind—

Music: Sound Stress Reduction

Music increases the body’s serotonin levels, which are associated with good feelings. Also, music tends to enhance deep breathing, making a person feel more relaxed. Also, background music at work has been shown to cut stress levels. In addition to causing heart rates to decline, music boosts the body’s temperature.

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