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Have you ever wondered why perfumes come in a number of names, with different scents? Many are even rushing to introduce their own perfume nowadays. Well, this is due to some particular reasons that you may find interesting.

One of the concrete reasons that so many famous names are now rushing to introduce their fragrances is that perfumes are very simple products that are easy to make. How to make perfumes may only need little amount of time, interest and effort from you. Aside from that, the ingredients used in the perfume formula are pretty affordable. They can even be found in a number of stores throughout the world. And, with today’s advancement in technology, a new scent can be created quickly.


So, how to make perfume?

Knowing how to make perfume is a pretty wise move to take. Well, to make perfume, you need to note first the basic ingredients. Note that perfumes basically contain essential oils, water and pure grain alcohol like vodka. Of these ingredients, the essential oils are the ones that need to be focused more. The discussion on how to make perfume basically starts with the consideration of the essential oils.

To make a good bottle of perfume, most perfumers start by sorting the essential oils according to their weight. This is typically in accordance to the established formula. They sort the oils according to their notes. So when thinking on how to make perfume, understand that the essential oils vary in notes.

Those with top notes include orange, lemon, spearmint, peppermint, grapefruit, bergamot, and lime. The oils with middle notes are coriander, marjoram, basil, palmarosa, rose, geranium, rosemary, pettitgrain, and lavender. The patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, frankincense, and vetiver belong to the category of base notes.

So you’ve learned about the basic notes. Now, how to make perfume also includes awareness on maintaining the proper ratio of the essential oils to the water and alcohol. Usually, this is the formula: 15 to 30 percent of essential oil, 70 to 80 percent of alcohol, and at least 5 percent of water.

Speaking of water, try to use only bottled distilled or spring water. In addition, buy only the 100% proof vodka for the alcohol content of your perfume. You can also use brandy if you like. And, if you want to add color to your creations, you can do by using a natural vegetable food dye.

Knowing how to make perfume also involves awareness on the worst enemy of perfume, which is the sun. So when bottling your creations, make sure that the bottles are sterilized and not clear cut. Clear cut bottles will only attract the sun. However, if you do really prefer to present your creations in a fancy bottle, place the highest amount of your perfume in a separate container.

Finally, write down your formula and remember all the drops of essential oils you use. A single added drop can totally change the whole formula. So carry a notebook when learning how to make perfume.

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